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Stoney’s Blog: What type of holster should I use for my pistol?


Question: What type of holster should I use for my pistol? Do you have one that you’d recommend for my Glock 17?

Good question! Just recently, I purchased and tested the 5.11 / Blade-Tech Revolution holster for my Glock and I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars. The Blade-Tech Revolution holster is an inexpensive holster made for a variety of handguns. The holster comes with 2 types of belt attachments so that you can use it as a belt holster or as a paddle. If you want to use the attachment to use as a belt holster, the attachment can be configured to fit a variety of belt sizes… even a duty belt. And it’s fairly simple to switch out the belt attachment to the paddle style by simply removing 2 Phillip’s head screws and then replacing the belt with the paddle.

The holster is made from polymer, is light-weight and comfortable, yet sturdy and durable. The holster is also very affordable. I picked up mine for under $25.00 and I’m sure you can find it on sale for at or around this price.

As for its ease of use, when you holster your weapon, there is a distinct audible click when the pistol is fully inserted providing the handler with a good sense that the pistol is fully seeded. The retention on the holster can be adjusted to either loosen or tighten the pistol very easily just by tightening 2 of the screws found along the side.

If there is 1 drawback, the holster is great for the range but it doesn’t particularly conceal that well, which is why I’d only give it 4 out of 5 stars.

For the price, I give this holster a thumbs-up! I’ve used this on the range to conduct several tactical pistol drills and I’ve added this to my kit for tactical shooting with the M4 as well. The holster is available for many types of pistols, such as the Sig p-220 and Springfield XD-9, so be sure to order the correct variation.

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