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You practice like you race!


I have been racing motorcycles for several years now, it has become a passion of mine. Long before I ever got onto a bike i was shooting a gun. As a matter of fact i think i had the gun even before i got the rattler as a baby. I have drawn alot of similarities between racing and shooting. I want to share some of those similarities i have found and illustrate how i believe there are important to us as shooters to always “practice like we race”.

When i first arrive at the track the first thing that must be done is getting the bike and the gear unloaded and outlined to make sure all the the important things are present. Then the bike is gone over top to bottom. Nuts and bolts are checked to make sure they are secure, safety wiring is done to pass tech inspection, tire pressures are checked and rechecked. There are many redundancies that occur on the morning and usually for myself it is all i can do to force myself to do these things because all i really want to be doing is ripping down the track. I remember however the price that might be paid if i was to miss anything in my preparation. I enter into turn 8 at my home track at well over 140 mph. If anything was to go wrong with my bike or my gear it could be unforgiving to me. So as you can imagine. I make a 100 percent sure everything is in order because at the end of the day it will not be my mechanics butt sliding and tumbling down the track, it will be mine.

Once everything is prepped and ready to go then comes the fun part… getting out there and letting her rip, boys let me tell you i do… there are few who will go out there and push harder in practice than i do. I learned this long ago in me early days of shooting. Theres no such thing as practicing at 50% and then racing at a 100%. It simply doesn’t work that way. We must always practice like we race. The same holds true for our shooters……

At Texas Pistol and Rifle academy, no matter which division you may be training with us under, sporting or tactical division we believe in “Practicing like we race”. This starts off with gear prep. No shooter can be successful without the proper gear. Whether your doing our Tactical Pistol Series, Long gun Series or Fighting Carbine series, we will make sure first that you have the proper gear components to be successful before you ever step onto the range.

Once you are on the range were going to push you like your life depends on it. Our training goals are simple. To prepare you to a point to that when “Race Day” comes whether that be out in plains of Wyoming and your getting ready to drop that big elk at 500 plus yards or in your home at 3 in the morning when someone comes in the door and the race of life starts, who’s going to live and who isn’t, we want you prepared to a point where you have gone so hard in “practice” that the race or ” real life situation” is not nearly as daunting as it would have been if you had not done the preparation that is needed to be a winner no matter what situation you may be faced with.

In the end we all are creatures of habit. When you come to us will make sure we instill habits that will allow you to get the job done and be a success. Whether that’s out in the hunting fields or along the Texas boarder or in the comfort of your home. Were going to make sure that ” YOU PRACTICE LIKE YOU RACE”

Josh Duhon
Class Coordinator