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Well, summer is gone and it is time to break out the shotguns.


Whether you are into Sporting Clays, Skeet, 5 Stand, trap or hunting now is the time to get ready. Clean that shotgun inside and out, check which choke you are using and most of all only buy premium ammunition for Sporting Shotgun and hunting. If you have had trouble being consistent with a shotgun, join the club. It is definitely the most dynamic of all the shooting sports.

Most people miss behind the bird (about 90% of the misses are behind); the reasons are the shotgun might not be mounted firmly against the cheek; the fit of the shotgun might be very poor. But most reasons we miss is because we look directly at the whole bird and not the leading edge. The bird is moving, you are moving the shotgun is moving and the shot-string you just fired is also moving. How do we make all of that come together? It is not that tough, if you get some professional assistance. Most Americans go to the store, buy a shotgun, grab a box of shells and go hunting. It is as important as any other intense undertaking, few are experts from the beginning, and we must learn how to make it all come together out in the field. Success is always more rewarding than a day of struggling and frustration.

Steve Milam