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I always wanted to learn how to shoot, do you have a card?


“….well, I’m sure I could use it if I need it.”

Inevitably during the course of casual conversation when a new acquaintance discovers I am a handgun instructor, the conversation takes one of two turns. The first response is “I always wanted to learn how to shoot, do you have a card?” But the second turn “Well, I’m sure I could use it if I needed it.” surprises me still.

As consumers we learn to believe in the superiority of new technology, and the handgun industry has always dazzled with new models, calibers, and accessories. But overlooking the necessity of training as a central factor in self-defense and responsible handgun ownership is a fact I see everyday. Keeping a handgun for self defense without training is as effective as keeping an Apache attack helicopter for the same purpose. If you choose a handgun as a factor in your self defense plan, you must be trained because the circumstance where it may be used is likely to be sudden, poorly-lit, and violent. In these encounters people do not rise to the occasion, but fall to the level of their training.

Fortunately for many, once I ask if they also have an Apache attack helicopter and explain why, they ask for a card and they sign up for classes.

Be Safe –

David Silva