30+ years of training has taught us... the shooting environment is totally critical to what you absorb and retain in regards to "firearms instruction"

Fighting Carbine Series – Intermediate Carbine I Classes

Intermediate Carbine I

The Intermediate Carbine I course is designed to build on the foundation of skills learned in the Basic Course. It will continue to reinforce the 7 Fundamentals of Marksmanship, weapons manipulation, transitions and the Post Engagement Sequence.

The course is designed to begin the Students Stress Inoculation and will introduce shooters to the concept of the “Hot Range”, Cover and Concealment as well as a discussion on the Fundamentals of “Gun Fighting”.

Students will learn: Target Discrimination, multiple Target engagements, Target Engagement while moving as well as Failure Drills. Students will then demonstrate their understanding of these concepts through a series of culmination drills combining all the new skill sets.

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Advanced Pistol Classes

Advanced Pistol
Teaching the shooter to move, shoot, and communicate.

800 to 1000 round exercise
Entire class done from concealment
IDPA staged drills
Moving while shooting
Reactionary steel range
Practical exercises for time and score


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Intermediated Pistol Classes

Intermediated Pistol
Advancing the conditioned response to a threat.

600 to 800 round exercise
building on fundamentals taught in basic…
multiple target engagement drills
scenario drills incorporating malfunctions and reloads.
Shooting moving and shooting
Night Fire exercise with flash light routine


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Basic Defensive Pistol Series

Basic Pistol (CHL upon request)
A conditioned response to threat.

500 to 600 round exercise
Gun handling and saftey
Presentation from a holster
Malfunctions(3 types)
Reloads (3 types)
Practical exercise


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Americans Deal With Crime by Steering Clear

Imagine you are walking alone at night after dinner in a neighborhood that is known as much for its crime as its great restaurants. You hear footsteps behind you. Your stomach churns. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You pick up your pace and desperately wish you had made dinner plans somewhere else. That tactic — avoiding certain neighborhoods or places — is the approach more Americans say they take than any other to deal with their concerns about crime.

According to Gallup’s annual survey on crime*, one in six Americans report being the victim of a non-Internet-related crime in the last year. Theft and vandalism topped the list of crimes Americans say they experienced, and 3% say they were the victims of violent crimes. The survey delved into actions that people take because of their concerns about crime. Nearly half of Americans, 47%, say they simply avoid going to areas or neighborhoods they might otherwise want to go to as a means of staying safe. Fewer Americans say they keep a dog for protection, installed a burglar alarm, bought a gun, or carry Mace, a gun, or a knife for personal defense.


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Fighting Carbine Series Basic Carbine Classes

The Basic Carbine course is designed to teach the basic foundations of shooting the M4 Carbine and transitioning to the pistol. Students learn the 7 fundamentals of marksmanship, weapons manipulation, transitions and the Post Engagement Sequence. During this course students perform multiple drills using both the Carbine and pistol to include: Facing drills, rapid target engagement, multiple target engagement, transitioning to pistol, magazine changes, clearing of stoppages, and emergency procedures.  To qualify to move on to the next level, all students must pass the qualification shoot.


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Self-Reported Gun Ownership in U.S. Is Highest Since 1993

PRINCETON, NJ — Forty-seven percent of American adults currently report that they have a gun in their home or elsewhere on their property. This is up from 41% a year ago and is the highest Gallup has recorded since 1993, albeit marginally above the 44% and 45% highs seen during that period.

The new result comes from Gallup’s Oct. 6-9 Crime poll, which also finds public support for personal gun rights at a high-water mark. Given this, the latest increase in self-reported gun ownership could reflect a change in Americans’ comfort with publicly stating that they have a gun as much as it reflects a real uptick in gun ownership.

Republicans (including independents who lean Republican) are more likely than Democrats (including Democratic leaners) to say they have a gun in their household: 55% to 40%. While sizable, this partisan gap is narrower than that seen in recent years, as Democrats’ self-reported gun ownership spiked to 40% this year.


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Gun Ownership and Use in America

How many Americans personally own guns, and what do they use them for? A recent Gallup Poll* shows that 3 in 10 Americans personally own a gun; most gun owners say they use their guns to protect themselves against crime, for hunting, and for target shooting. Gun ownership varies by different groups in the country, with men more likely to be gun owners than women, Southerners and Midwesterners more likely than Easterners or Westerners, Republicans more so than Democrats, and older rather than younger Americans.

Gun Ownership

The poll, conducted Oct. 13-16, finds that 4 in 10 Americans report they have a gun in their homes, including 30% who say they personally own a gun and 12% who say another member of their household owns it. These results show essentially no change since this question was last asked in 2000. At that time, 27% of Americans said they personally owned a gun and 14% said another household member owned one.

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Gun Buying

Well, the march goes on at Cabelas. Gun sales remain high as per usual.  Deer season is at hand and I see experienced hunters replacing old scopes or getting new rifles they have saved a year for. I also keep seeing first time gun owners buy. The new gun owners really have no idea how to approach their purchase, many being influenced by TV news and adventure movies. I hear discussions on “what will you do with the gun when you are not home and the kids are!?” A very good question, in my own experience everyone I knew loved the outdoors and everyone hunted, there was no mystery to firearms. Now few children get the opportunities we had at the same age, even the great outdoors seem a mystery to most adults today. It is a shame; the great outdoors are still there.

There are so many ways to remove the mystery. Hunt, fish, camp and just turn the electronics off and spend a day learning to shoot, shoot for fun. But still; the outdoors may not be your cup of tea. What do people want with the purchase of a new hand gun? Security or that feeling of getting ready to defend yourself? Police that train all the time have trouble hitting the mark in a gun fight. Deer hunters go to the range to sight in that deer rifle knowing they must hit the mark can put every round inside the 10 ring at 100 yards; every time.

When that big mossy-back steps out even the most experienced hunter will have a hard time hitting a vital spot at 100 yards. The same range they sighted that deer rifle at? How is that possible, are they drunk? No! The same reason the police have a hard time hitting a man at short ranges when they are qualified marksmen. When the “adrenalin dump” hits us fine motor skills go out the window. The only answer is to train, experienced deer hunters DO make the shot, police officers DO hit the mark, but only because they have experience to pull them through. ………….get some……..experience with your gun that is.

Steve Milam