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Special Forces Execution / Demonstration fundraising event


On Saturday, May12th, Special Forces Association Chapter XXXI held a fundraising event titled, “Special Forces Execution/Demonstration” at the Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy. The event was a huge SUCCESS with the Chapter receiving donations of over $18K!!! This was the first event of its kind held by the chapter and given it’s success, Chapter President Jerry Jochum, LTC (Ret) promises that it will not be the last. A GREAT BIG THANKS goes out to members of ODA 9135 from C Co. 1st Bn 19th SFG(A) based out of Camp Bullis, TX for making the event so successful.

With over 100 acres and several ranges to use, special guests from the Dallas/Fort Worth area who made a donation to the Chapter were invited to spend a day at the Texas Pistol Academy with the members of ODA 9135 and a few of the Chapter members. The event started out with ODA 9135 putting on a live-fire demonstration that would make any of us old-timers very proud. Following the demonstration, members were treated to a BBQ lunch catered by Triple R BBQ and then broken down
into three respective groups. Each group then went off to their respective range and spent an hour at each site, seeing, learning and then actually firing the weapons systems that the team is currently issued and in service. The 3 stations included; the sniper range, the carbine range and the pistol range. At the sniper range, the guests
were thrilled with the idea of actually getting to fire the Barrett .50 cal rifle, the new MK 13 300 Win Mag and the old but reliable M24 system. On the carbine range, the guests were able to rip through tons of ammunition by using the M4’s on automatic!!! You should have seen the big grins on some these guys faces! You could tell that this was a dream come true for many. And last but not least, the guests were able to learn some pistol skills and drills with the Beretta 92 (M 9) on the pistol range.

At the end of the event, a drawing was held and one of the special guests walked away with a Glock 19 that was specially engraved with the Special Forces crest.
Special thanks goes out to the members of ODA 9135 for making the trip to Whitewright, TX and demonstrating the skills that our SF soldiers must be proficient in. A great big thanks goes out to Robert Duhon, SFC (Ret), owner of the Texas Pistol Academy for letting us use his training facility and to all of our Chapter members who volunteered and helped out with the event. This includes Jerry Jochum, Chapter President, Bill Adair, Chapter VP, Linda Weston, Chapter Treasurer and

And a couple of others who especially deserve a big THANKS….. Steve Schiff and Guy Griffeth. Steve is the owner of the “Ginger Man” restaurants in Dallas and he and Guy were our primary sponsors who donated the $ to help make this event happen. And last but not least…. Phil Stone, SFC (Ret.). Phil was our Fundraising Chairman
and acted as the Operations SGT, organizing and planning the event and making things happen.