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Home Practice Tip – Shooting and Moving – Intermediate Level Handgun


An easy at-home way to practice closing on a target while shooting your pistol begins with a 1 inch square of painters tape. Place the tape square on an interior wall at heart or forehead height with at least 10 paces of walking room. After confirming your pistol is unloaded, walk toward the target with the pistol fully extended while tapping your finger on the trigger. The goal is to maintain a correct sight picture on the square while walking at a steady pace. Its important not to time your trigger taps to your steps but how often you see a correct sight picture on the tape. As your technique improves you will be able to take faster steps toward the target while maintaining a good sight picture. Remember to walk on the outside edge of your feet, have plenty of bend in your knees, and place one foot in front of the other. This dry fire practice at home keeps my rounds tightly inside the A-Box walking a brisk pace from the 15 yard line at the range.

Be Safe-
David Silva