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Fighting Carbine Series – TPA conducted the Low Light II and Intermediate I classes this past Sat/Sun and the students rocked!


This past weekend, the carbine and new IMT ranges were quite busy at the Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy with the new Low Light level II and the Intermediate I courses going on. Our students in the new LL II course took advantage of the cool weather and near full moon visibility to get in some great practical exercises and drills to improve their shooting skills with the M4. The new IMT range (Individual Movement Technique) is awesome and provides us with the ability to setup many different scenarios. On Sunday, the students in the Intermediate Carbine I course set a new standard for performing the 2 man closing drill. In one case, we had a 3 man team (odd # of students) and they performed the drill like old pros. More classes scheduled for the fall. Check out our new calendar and get signed up now, space is limited.

Shane Iversen,
Senior Tactical Instructor
Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy