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Shooting and Learning


Learned knowledge and activity knowledge are two very different things. In the shooting world we are often tempted with a tremendous amount of learned knowledge. Books, videos, youtube clips, facebook videos, tons of outlets for learned knowledge. Many times this knowledge is inexpensive and may appear at first to be all we need in order to accomplish our shooting goals. Unfortunately this is not the case, if it was we wouldnt have a firearms training facility that has been training people for almost 30 years! There would be no need for our services in the market place. Activity knowledge is the most important type of knowledge and is the most important type of information for the growth of any individual in any area of there life and certainly in a shooters life. That is why it is a valuable investment of your time to come and see us. Come out and do the activity and gain the type of information that will progress your shooting at an extremely fast rate. Handgun, shotgun or rifle.. Come do the activity and gain the expertise!