Training at our facility allows all our students to excel at a pace that best suits them.... "you can drink from a garden hose... or fire hydrant!"

Silver Coin Program, gain access to Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy’s Facility


At Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy we award a silver coin to an individual
who has completed the following series of products. Starting with our
Defensive pistol series, moving on a shooter must complete one long gun
program in either our tactical or sporting division. Finally our low light
program. Once a shooter has completed all 3 products a silver T.P.A coin
will be awarded to that individual with there initials engraved on the
coin. The shooter will have access to our free practice shoot days where 2
times a month our ranges will be opened to our coin members and they will
be allowed access to continue to practice and refine there skill sets.
Contact Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy today for further details.

Josh Duhon
Class Coordinator/Instructor
Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy