We are not a public facility.

Free practice shoot days at Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy for all of our silver coin holders.


Two times a month generally on weekends we hold free practice shoot days on a rotating range schedule. There has been an over whelming demand as of late from our civilian clients to open up our ranges for public access. While our insurance policy does not permit us to operate as a public training facility we have found another way to service this request. A new client upon the completion of our Defensive Pistol Series, one long gun program of there choosing, sporting or tactical makes us no difference and our low light program will be awarded a silver coin. With the issuance of this coin the client will be allowed to come during operating hrs to our facility and get onto one of our two open ranges for that particular free practice shoot day and work on the skill sets that they see fit. A RSO will be present during these operating hrs to assist with any of the shooting needs that may arise.

Josh Duhon
Class Coordinator/Instructor
Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy