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Learning to shoot a rifle


Having the right equipment, having a good instructor, having good ranges with 500 plus yds.

Are key ingredients…..

The fact that we been giving good instruction for 30 plus  years makes it a reality …………..we are ready if you are!!!!!!

Shooting on sticks


Mark, Shay and Drew drove in from Georgia, ” we are going to Africa….our guide said ;get

Good at shooting on sticks …    WE DID ………!!!!!!

Ragin Cajuns

All the way from Lafayette Louisiana to make their rifles “sing and dance” at 500 yds. Well done…….!


Get your rifle ready for your big hunt

Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy now offers a precision rifle prep service. Get your rifle ready for your big hunt even if you don’t have time to step away from your busy schedule. Standard precision rifle prep service includes:

  • Rifle cleaning, borescoping the rifle and bore assessment
  • Tightening of all action screws and scope rings
  • Properly dressing the rifle with a bipod and cheek piece
  • Shoot the rifle at 1.5″ high at 100 yards, and zeroed at 200 yards, afterwards setting the elevation turret to zero
  • Establish hold-over point for your reticle out to 300 yards

Pick up and delivery available in the Dallas metroplex.
Contact Robert Duhon directly (903) 271-8890, to discuss your needs and arrange your service appointment today!

Bolt rifle (what you’re going to do in our two day “bolt rifle class”)

The bolt rife training triad you are about to see is simple, effective, and will overlay all of the other firearm disciplines we teach. Good equipt, by that we mean, being well suited for the task ( shooting effectively out to 600 plus yards with the first round out of the tube. As the two days unfold and you complete “dial-up and holdover ” out to 600 plus yards your confidence level will be ratcheted up to level that we are sure you will be pleased with your mental and visual focus along with the steps to sending the bullet will be “muscle memories” in so that you can preform at your highest and best level, under accelerated heart rate.

TPA overview

Texas Pistol Academy (TPA) We view learning to shoot a firearm, a fun, and at the same time, serious endeavor… your personal safety is our greatest concern along with learning to keep that firearm operational under accelerated heart rate conditions…..having the proper facility to train shooters is likened to having the proper equipment to learn use of a handgun ….we have cultivated and upgraded our facility over the last 30 plus yrs. to give you the safest and most realistic training series available less than A one hour Drive from the Dallas/ft.worth area.

Bolt Rifle Introduction

Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy introduction to the bolt rifle. Why us? Why should you spend your money and more importantly your time with us. Robert discusses the “magic” of our long range rifle program. We are a fundamentals driven training facility. In the world of today which continues to “wow” a shooter with technology we focus on fundamentals of marksmanship.