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Bolt rifle (what you’re going to do in our two day “bolt rifle class”)

The bolt rife training triad you are about to see is simple, effective, and will overlay all of the other firearm disciplines we teach. Good equipt, by that we mean, being well suited for the task ( shooting effectively out to 600 plus yards with the first round out of the tube. As the two days unfold and you complete “dial-up and holdover ” out to 600 plus yards your confidence level will be ratcheted up to level that we are sure you will be pleased with your mental and visual focus along with the steps to sending the bullet will be “muscle memories” in so that you can preform at your highest and best level, under accelerated heart rate.

TPA overview

Texas Pistol Academy (TPA) We view learning to shoot a firearm, a fun, and at the same time, serious endeavor… your personal safety is our greatest concern along with learning to keep that firearm operational under accelerated heart rate conditions…..having the proper facility to train shooters is likened to having the proper equipment to learn use of a handgun ….we have cultivated and upgraded our facility over the last 30 plus yrs. to give you the safest and most realistic training series available less than A one hour Drive from the Dallas/ft.worth area.

Bolt Rifle Introduction

Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy introduction to the bolt rifle. Why us? Why should you spend your money and more importantly your time with us. Robert discusses the “magic” of our long range rifle program. We are a fundamentals driven training facility. In the world of today which continues to “wow” a shooter with technology we focus on fundamentals of marksmanship.

Bolt Rifle – Scope Leveling tool

Take a look as we discuss the importance of scope leveling for good accurate long range shooting. Bullet spin off can become a major issue the farther out a shooter executes shots. Learning how to place a level on the scope to correct the issue is just one of the many tricks of the trade we can show a person at Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy.

Bolt Rifle – Manage the Rifle

Robert Duhon discusses the fundamentals of proper body position on a Bolt Gun. How to induce bone support and muscle relax on a rifle to improve your long range accuracy as a shooter. This Remington 700 chambered in 308 with a Ziess Conquest scope is a favorite at Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy.

Bolt Rifle – How to sandbag your rifle

Tricks of the trade. Learning to achieve a rock solid position with your sandbags and your rifle. Do we start with the cross hair high and go low, or low and go high? This one little tip will improve your shooting. Take this tip and put it in your tool box….