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Who comes to shoot at TPA?

shoot accurately to 600 yards

When you seek firearms training in Texas whether related to gun safety courses, license to carry classes or tactical shooting in Texas, there is really only one choice for success. Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy in Whitewright Texas has served the national shooting community for over thirty years. Regardless of their background, be it bolt rifle whitetail hunters, tactical shooters, or African game hunters each student that comes to Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy has one thing in common – a unique drive to be the best at whatever goal they pursue. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, your success in shooting is our business.

Where do I start?

Many students at Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy come from the illustrious ranks of the Dallas Safari Club, an international big game hunting organization dedicated to the conservation of the world’s finest game animals and the communities that depend on the products of hunting conservation. At Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy they look to polish their long range bolt rifle skills by learning how to dial-up their rifle scopes out to 600 yards or use the mil-dot reticle system to use proper holdover so they can be assured of a first shot trophy when they step onto the African Savannah.

But hunting isn’t the only doorway into a successful shooting career. Many hunters have friends and relatives who need self-defense firearm training or simply want a level of comfort and confidence with a firearm that sits like a warm blanket on a cold night when the moment of self-defense arises. Handgun, shotgun, and M4 Carbine classes at Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy are second to none in safety and shooting proficiency.

Whether you are a seasoned shooter or completely new to firearms and wish to pursue game or self-defense shooting, Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy in Whitewright Texas can meet all your shooting needs.