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Who’s a better shooter? Men or Women?


Train in something long enough and you inevitably encounter the question of who’s a better shooter, men or women? Regardless of the weapon system you are using, be it pistol, shotgun, bolt-rifle, or M4 carbine, the ability to acquire and maintain a hard visual and mental focus is key for excellent performance when you want point of aim, point of impact shooting. Whether you are first signing up for firearms training or want to improve whether related to gun safety courses, license to carry classes or tactical shooting, you will be asked to maintain a good mental and visual focus on the target, whether you are a man or a woman,  at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy.

So what makes a good shooter?

Being a good shooter, regardless of being a man or a woman, is being able to maintain a hard visual and mental focus. Visual focus, or being able to “hard focus” on the target has been discussed in a previous blog – but an analogy about  taking a hard focus means looking at a door, then looking closely at the knob that opens the door, then focusing closer still on the keyhole in the knob, in the door, on the house.  Having a good mental focus means bringing your mind into the elements of the firing stroke, and concentrating on executing each step as perfectly as you can. The question is not “Can I shoot?” but rather “Can I follow instruction?” Mentally focusing on each step of the firing stroke, one step then another, and combining your mental focus with a good visual “hard” focus will guarantee your shooting success.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman when it comes to being the better shooter. Becoming a great shooter means training to get the skills you need whether you are shooting a pistol, shotgun, bolt-rifle, or M4 carbine. You can get the required skills for being a great shooter as part of a larger training regimen at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, to attain point of aim, point of impact shooting performance that will pay dividends the rest of your life.