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Shooting under stress – Do you rise to the occasion?


Prior to training, many new defensive shooters presume they will rise to the occasion when faced with a defensive situation, the contrary however is always true. When faced with extreme stress and increased adrenaline inducing an accelerated heart rate, people will not “rise to the occasion” but always fall to the level of their training. Regardless of the weapon system you are using, be it pistol, shotgun, bolt-rifle, or M4 carbine, training under accelerated heart rate conditions your mental and physical response to enable you to act in times of extreme peril. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you have the opportunity to train under stress to help you prepare for your moment of truth.

How can you train for self-defense stress?

Regardless of the source, your physiological response to stress is the same. All that changes is the depth and duration of your physiological response – your heart rate increases as adrenaline enters the blood stream, peripheral blood flow decreases and the instinct of fight, flight or freeze influences your next action. Confrontation triggers physiological responses that can interrupt mental focus and appropriate actions to save your own life – unless you have been trained in the presence of stress. Therefore receiving extensive training in a proper firing stroke for the pistol, shotgun, bolt-rifle, or M4 carbine,  allows you to access critical mental and motor skills that you can deploy to save yourself.

At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you will train under stress induced by a number of methods, each tailored to the shooter. With enough practice and progression through the multiple levels of firearms training available at TPA, you can fight through the mental cloud and fury of extreme stress. With proper training, instead of reaching for the myth of “rising to the occasion”, you can securely fall to the level of your training and win the day.