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Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy and the Dallas Safari Club – One shot – one trophy


The Dallas Safari Club has been a gathering point for hunters, conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts dedicated to projects promoting the mission of the Safari Club International core mission – to conserve wildlife and wilderness lands throughout the world, to educate youth and the general public about conservation and ethical hunting, and to promote and protect the rights and interests of hunters worldwide. This mission is perfectly paired with the bolt rifle training philosophy of Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy where your training can deliver “one shot – one trophy” performance.

Stand and Deliver

For more than a decade, Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy has enjoyed a close relationship with the Dallas Safari Club. This perfect match brings together hunters who have dedicated themselves to ethical hunting and conservation practices throughout the world and want to enjoy successful hunting results no matter how difficult the shot may be.

International hunting trips can cost upwards of $50,000 and have something to show for your trip other than a story about the one that got away is what everyone wants. With the one or two day bolt rifle class, the hunter can obtain the skills necessary to shoot to 600 yards in modified shooting positions unavailable at public ranges. At TPA, the prospective hunter can shoot from sticks, as they would in Africa, and train as they would on their safari – prepared to make the tough shot and have the best story to tell at the evening’s fireside. Whether you are training for local Texas whitetail or getting ready for the hunt of your lifetime in Namibia, then you must train or tune up with the Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy one or two day Bolt Rifle Course. No one remembers the hunters who tell stories of the game that go away – only the trophies count!