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I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. – Bruce Lee


Often when people arrive for armed self-defense training for at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, they arrive with a mind full of fantastic ideas about what defensive firearms skills are. With the influence of Hollywood action heroes and the glorification of violence in the media, it’s easy to create a distorted view of the skills you will need to prevail in an armed confrontation. Unfortunately, these ideas often create a level of intimidation for the new and eager student, worried they may not be able to overcome a self-imposed “hurdle” to be capable of learning such mysterious techniques reserved for the blackest ops. But whether you arrive seeking out training in pistol, shotgun, bolt rifle or M4 carbine you will quickly discover that the skills you practiced at TPA are safe, efficient, ergonomic and conflict relevant. But most of all accessible in a training protocol that can place you in a firm training practice for personal success.

Practiced makes perfected

At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, the key to successful training is getting the right number of meaningful repetitions of a mechanically straightforward firing stroke, no matter what weapon system you decide to use. What makes the firing stroke across platforms so useful and unique to Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, is how to make use of what the body will do naturally under stress. Pairing your innate body reaction to a physically natural and proper firing stroke, while training your mind in the right amount of stress creates a synergistic approach to whole system learning. Learning under this setting will help you prevail in your moment of truth because you are trained to do what comes naturally when you are trying to save your life with a firearm. Learn to enhance your natural, practiced reactions to prevail in an armed confrontation today!

Silence is Golden – Suppressors for home defense


When thinking about firearms training, it’s easy to consider using a pistol, shotgun, or M4 carbine to defend your property or those you love. But what other weapon characteristics should be considered? Certainly any tool you can add, or unnecessary feature you can remove, to make your weapon “shooter friendly” gives you a decided advantage. Although adding a light, a holo sight and a sling to your home defense M4 carbine seems natural –what about adding a suppressor?

Fighting through the confusion

Since most home defense scenarios happen in the night time, and often in the early morning (four A.M.), it’s difficult to imagine the absolute confusion being startled awake in complete darkness can create. Often the only warning is the loud crash that may accompany a forced entry. Since home invaders typically attack in groups, you may have to account for and engage multiple threats, all while moving your equally startled family to safety. Reaching for your defensive carbine and relying on the training you receive at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy is a good start to a solid defense. Using a suppressor on your home M4 carbine can add a degree of control and aid communication when you need to fire and communicate to your startled loved ones.

Being able to effectively shoot, move and communicate with your loved ones is a welcome advantage when confronting a deadly threat inside the home. Eliminating the blast and flash signature from your shooting position gives you a distinct advantage. Using a suppressor, there is no overt signal to reveal your position – only handing the confusion back to the attackers as they wonder where your accurate fire is coming from. There is no “best time” for using force to defend yourself, other than immediately. Consider a suppressed rifle a force multiplying advantage when used inside the home to enable your victory.

Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing – Vince Lombardi


Feeling the need to begin new habits typically begin every New Years Eve. Resolutions and promises are made and usually broken in short order. Dieting and exercise are very popular good habits to create and take a consistent effort every day to ingrain your new habit. But what about forming new and good gun habits? Is it possible to start a good gun habit that will put you on solid footing to prevail in an armed encounter? Whether a pistol, shotgun, bolt-rifle, or M4 carbine, having the tools you need to prevail in with you wins half the battle. Especially after you train at  Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, building the good habit of having your firearm with you is the right first step to prevail.

Build the habit that can save your life– carry your handgun daily

If you are new to carrying a pistol as a Texas LTC holder, building the habit of having your pistol with you, on your body constantly, can be slightly uncomfortable at first. Stress from the self-consciousness of carrying a loaded firearm can be a little daunting. But like so many activities that improve with practice, creating the habit of carrying your pistol will also get easier. After you have trained at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you can take your new knowledge and begin building your personal defense plan by building the habit of carrying your handgun everywhere you go that the law allows.

After practicing a few weeks carrying your handgun with you everywhere the law allows, you will soon discover that putting on your holster is as easy as throwing your keys in your pocket. Creating the good habit of taking your handgun with you, will create a winning habit that serves your self-defense allowing you to prevail.

Shooting is nothing like riding a bike

For most skills requiring muscle memory, early learning and practice are sufficient to maintain the skillset throughout life with little continuing practice. Riding a bike and swimming are primary examples of early learning that can persist throughout life. Shooting a firearm, however, whether a pistol, shotgun, bolt-rifle, or M4 carbine, is a diminishing skill. Although retaining basic understanding can be maintained, shooting a firearm well requires expert training and a good practice discipline to perform at a level you can rely on to prevail. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you have the opportunity be trained with a sustainable firing stroke that you can use under stress. Good training at TPA with a good practice discipline will help you prepare for your moment of truth.

To succeed you must practice your training

The training you will receive at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, gives you a skill set for whichever weapon platform you choose, whether a pistol, shotgun, bolt-rifle, or M4 carbine. For each weapon system, you get trained in a protocol for how to deliver accurate fire on target under stress no matter your experience level. To maintain the skills you learn from classes at TPA, you must practice what you have learned. This practice discipline includes maintaining a good dry fire practice discipline and getting enough range time to maintain your exposure to recoil.

Combining the training you receive at TPA, with a good dry fire and live fire discipline, you should expect to reliably maintain the skills you have acquired. Continuing your shooting education at TPA, where each class builds upon the last, you can enjoy a continuum of professional growth throughout your shooting career and flourish as a shooter. When you are ready to live to your potential as a shooter, you are ready to train at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy in Whitewright Texas.