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Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing – Vince Lombardi

carrying a handgun

Feeling the need to begin new habits typically begin every New Years Eve. Resolutions and promises are made and usually broken in short order. Dieting and exercise are very popular good habits to create and take a consistent effort every day to ingrain your new habit. But what about forming new and good gun habits? Is it possible to start a good gun habit that will put you on solid footing to prevail in an armed encounter? Whether a pistol, shotgun, bolt-rifle, or M4 carbine, having the tools you need to prevail in with you wins half the battle. Especially after you train at  Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, building the good habit of having your firearm with you is the right first step to prevail.

Build the habit that can save your life– carry your handgun daily

If you are new to carrying a pistol as a Texas LTC holder, building the habit of having your pistol with you, on your body constantly, can be slightly uncomfortable at first. Stress from the self-consciousness of carrying a loaded firearm can be a little daunting. But like so many activities that improve with practice, creating the habit of carrying your pistol will also get easier. After you have trained at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you can take your new knowledge and begin building your personal defense plan by building the habit of carrying your handgun everywhere you go that the law allows.

After practicing a few weeks carrying your handgun with you everywhere the law allows, you will soon discover that putting on your holster is as easy as throwing your keys in your pocket. Creating the good habit of taking your handgun with you, will create a winning habit that serves your self-defense allowing you to prevail.