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Professional Training vs. Discovery / Self-training


There are any number of hobbies or skills you can obtain through passionate self-training and discovery. Fishing, knot-tying, even oil painting can be discovered if you have enough time to put towards your new interest. But what happens when you find you have gone as far as the road will take you? What happens when you reach the end of your self-taught skill and realize, uneasily, there is a lot more you need to learn? When it’s time to discover the road beyond, it’s time to discover professional training at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy. Whether you want to master the handgun, M4 carbine, bolt action rifle, or combat shotgun you will find the path you are looking for to go above and beyond what you have discovered on your own.

You can discover everything with infinite time & resources

Although many believe the primary reason to have a professional instructor is to learn from the best, professional training actually saves you substantial amounts of time. How much time do you save getting training vs. self-training? Multiple lifetimes of effort and discovery. If you had all the time in the world, and all the money in the world, you could spend each day devoted to unlocking the mysteries of successful shooting. But no one does, so no one can. Instead what you can do is learn from the masters at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy. Here, all the skills you need to prevail have been captured, distilled and formulated into blocks of instruction that can help you prevail in your moment of truth. You will need to do your part and practice, but you only have to practice what you learn at TPA to prevail. Regardless of how early or late you started your path of learning firearms skills, professional training at TPA will carry you the rest of the way.

Seed wheat makes good

We farm over a thousand acres of wheat of wheat up in The pan handle of texas….we have big horned deer, always creeping around in that wheat….. We gonna fix it!!!!

When is self-preservation bad for your shooting?


With accomplishments like the Renaissance, nuclear energy, and vaccines, Western culture has quite a few accomplishments under its belt. Therefore it stands to reason, that any participant in modern Western society could pride themselves on their ability to look at the data, weigh the facts in their mind, and come to a fully data-driven conclusion. Except when it involves shooting and self-preservation. Although you can rationally understand the steps involved in delivering a well-aimed shot, your self-preservation instinct manifests itself as a buck, jerk or slap of the trigger that invariably throws the bullet impact off target. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, managing your self-preservation instincts to get point of aim – point of impact performance is a formula that took twelve years to discover and perfect and it never fails to deliver. No matter the weapon system –whether bolt rifle, M4, combat shotgun, or pistol at TPA you will learn how to manage your self-preservation instinct to get excellent shooting performance.

Self-preservation is the business of saving yourself

Beneath superior minds of reasons lay a cluster of instincts that have preserved humanity as a species for eons – long before man could create Facebook, he had to survive spending a day as a clawless, slow running, poor climbing, poor seeing entrée. Self-preservation is something ingrained in everyone – it’s why some people are afraid of heights, stinging insects, snakes and thunder. But in shooting, because of the loud bang, your self-preservation instinct becomes a buck, jerk or slap of the trigger that invariably ruins your shooting performance. Your instinct to survive doesn’t understand shot-placement only that the loud bang needs to happen as far away as possible and be over as quickly as possible. This instinct cannot be canceled out – but it can be managed to a degree that your shooting performance will work hand in hand with your instincts for self-preservation, especially when you want to prevail in a deadly force conflict. Training at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy will help you harness your self-preservation instincts to get the kind of shots you want in your moment of truth.

The Daniels “Herd”

Putting 5 brothers together for a 500 yard shooting event at the “texas pistol & rifle academy”
Was “mucho” fun!!!even for the sons and grandson

Choosing the right training environment – private vs. group settings



A snapshot of the modern firearms training environment can resemble more the industrial processes of the 19th century, built on the principles of high-volume product turnout, vs. the mentoring Master and Apprentice training of the Samurai traditions. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, we train in the private setting (up to 4 students) to be certain that each individual shooter gets the attention they deserve to learn the firearm techniques they need to prevail in armed conflict. No matter the weapon system –whether bolt rifle, M4, combat shotgun, or pistol – private training at TPA gives an enormous return on your investment vs. a large group setting.

Good Training environment – Not just a face in the crowd

In other firearms training schools, a new shooter may not only be one among twenty but may be matched with shooters of various skill levels. When a school depends on high client volume for survival, instructor attention to the individual shooter is often sacrificed in the interest of time, and getting shooters out the door quickly. Negative shooting habits, or training scars, begin to appear early in the shooting career and can be overlooked in large group training sessions to the deficit of the new shooter. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, even if you enjoy shooting with a private group (up to 4 shooters) you get the attention you need to succeed.

Personalized training is possible because not only is individual attention paid to each shooter, but the pace of the class is tuned to the ability of the shooter to absorb the materials. As the saying goes, “You can drink from the water fountain or the fire hydrant.” – customized course pacing and individual attention are twin pillars at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy that have secured the success of every student who has come for training. Join this tradition and secure your personal success today!

2 shot groups anyone?


These “hombres” are making those guns sing and dance even if we are in Texas close to the
Border that “music” is still sweet to the ears…….

Setting the cornerstone – Firing from the transition ready position

In the Basic Handgun class at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you learn all the essentials you need to successfully launch your shooting career. Whether your goal is sporting, self-defense, competition, or Texas license to carry, you will find the skills necessary to prevail safely and with confidence. Beyond training in safety, body position and grip, and proper sight alignment and proper sight picture, you will learn the fundamentals of a good firing stroke from the transition ready position. The fundamental firing stroke is what all further training is based upon – mastery is critical to your success. To ensure your success, each training component is dry fired repeatedly to help support mastery. With the exception of experiencing recoil, every technique you learn at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy can be practiced in dry fire mode at home – giving you an exceptional value for your training dollars.

Breaking it down- firing from transition ready

As we see in the video, the body position, grip, and stance are all set. Starting with the finger off the trigger, the pistol is presented to the target from the transition ready position as the shooter takes up the slack in the trigger. The trigger is pressed once the shooter sees a good sight picture with the sights aligned exactly where he wants the bullet to land inside the target. Dry fire repetition, paired with live fire training creates the mastery you need to prevail. Point of aim –  point of impact shooting is the “product” you get when you train at TPA. This fundamental firing stroke is the foundation for your success whether your goal is sporting, self-defense, competition, or Texas license to carry.

Seeking training at TPA puts your feet on the right path to prevail, whatever your endeavor. Here you will learn the proper firing stroke that, paired with consistent dry fire and live fire practice, will launch you on a successful shooting career whatever your goals.

Evolution isn’t about being the strongest, but being the most responsive to change


Part of the combat triad taught to the new shooter at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy describes the importance of having good equipment. Although most commonly mentioned in the context of having a good weapon system for pistol, shotgun, M4 or bolt rifle – good equipment can also mean support gear like a good LBE or load bearing vest for carrying magazine and medical kits. For many new to shooting, or only familiar with content learned outside the training environment, it’s easy to get trapped in a “check box” mindset. That is, they acquire a piece of gear for a class, and check off that need. We like to teach that good equipment means having the right quality gear for the task at hand, and constantly evaluating his gear and looking for improvements.

Improved Load Bearing Equipment – Evolution of the LBE

Originally conceived as a simple, and operationally efficient method to carry mission relevant clothing and gear, the modern LBE has evolved into much more. But what’s more important than the actual equipment, is the evolution mindset that accompanies acquiring and using it. Following the good equipment requirement of the TPA combat triad, the good shooter is constantly evaluating his gear and looking for improvements. Good equipment gets you to the goal of shooting proficiency and success sooner than mediocre, or worse, poorly performing equipment. The best way to assess the quality and operational efficiency of your gear is to put it through the paces at a Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, training class. Shooters quickly discover what works and what doesn’t when it’s time to run & gun in an M4 carbine class or to be bone-supported and muscle-relaxed in the bolt-rifle course. Regardless of the weapon platform you choose, every training class is an opportunity to learn good technique and the evolution mindset to always evaluate your gear so you can be certain you have good equipment and prevail.