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Evolution isn’t about being the strongest, but being the most responsive to change


Part of the combat triad taught to the new shooter at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy describes the importance of having good equipment. Although most commonly mentioned in the context of having a good weapon system for pistol, shotgun, M4 or bolt rifle – good equipment can also mean support gear like a good LBE or load bearing vest for carrying magazine and medical kits. For many new to shooting, or only familiar with content learned outside the training environment, it’s easy to get trapped in a “check box” mindset. That is, they acquire a piece of gear for a class, and check off that need. We like to teach that good equipment means having the right quality gear for the task at hand, and constantly evaluating his gear and looking for improvements.

Improved Load Bearing Equipment – Evolution of the LBE

Originally conceived as a simple, and operationally efficient method to carry mission relevant clothing and gear, the modern LBE has evolved into much more. But what’s more important than the actual equipment, is the evolution mindset that accompanies acquiring and using it. Following the good equipment requirement of the TPA combat triad, the good shooter is constantly evaluating his gear and looking for improvements. Good equipment gets you to the goal of shooting proficiency and success sooner than mediocre, or worse, poorly performing equipment. The best way to assess the quality and operational efficiency of your gear is to put it through the paces at a Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, training class. Shooters quickly discover what works and what doesn’t when it’s time to run & gun in an M4 carbine class or to be bone-supported and muscle-relaxed in the bolt-rifle course. Regardless of the weapon platform you choose, every training class is an opportunity to learn good technique and the evolution mindset to always evaluate your gear so you can be certain you have good equipment and prevail.