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Setting the cornerstone – Firing from the transition ready position


In the Basic Handgun class at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you learn all the essentials you need to successfully launch your shooting career. Whether your goal is sporting, self-defense, competition, or Texas license to carry, you will find the skills necessary to prevail safely and with confidence. Beyond training in safety, body position and grip, and proper sight alignment and proper sight picture, you will learn the fundamentals of a good firing stroke from the transition ready position. The fundamental firing stroke is what all further training is based upon – mastery is critical to your success. To ensure your success, each training component is dry fired repeatedly to help support mastery. With the exception of experiencing recoil, every technique you learn at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy can be practiced in dry fire mode at home – giving you an exceptional value for your training dollars.

Breaking it down- firing from transition ready

As we see in the video, the body position, grip, and stance are all set. Starting with the finger off the trigger, the pistol is presented to the target from the transition ready position as the shooter takes up the slack in the trigger. The trigger is pressed once the shooter sees a good sight picture with the sights aligned exactly where he wants the bullet to land inside the target. Dry fire repetition, paired with live fire training creates the mastery you need to prevail. Point of aim –  point of impact shooting is the “product” you get when you train at TPA. This fundamental firing stroke is the foundation for your success whether your goal is sporting, self-defense, competition, or Texas license to carry.

Seeking training at TPA puts your feet on the right path to prevail, whatever your endeavor. Here you will learn the proper firing stroke that, paired with consistent dry fire and live fire practice, will launch you on a successful shooting career whatever your goals.