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When is self-preservation bad for your shooting?


With accomplishments like the Renaissance, nuclear energy, and vaccines, Western culture has quite a few accomplishments under its belt. Therefore it stands to reason, that any participant in modern Western society could pride themselves on their ability to look at the data, weigh the facts in their mind, and come to a fully data-driven conclusion. Except when it involves shooting and self-preservation. Although you can rationally understand the steps involved in delivering a well-aimed shot, your self-preservation instinct manifests itself as a buck, jerk or slap of the trigger that invariably throws the bullet impact off target. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, managing your self-preservation instincts to get point of aim – point of impact performance is a formula that took twelve years to discover and perfect and it never fails to deliver. No matter the weapon system –whether bolt rifle, M4, combat shotgun, or pistol at TPA you will learn how to manage your self-preservation instinct to get excellent shooting performance.

Self-preservation is the business of saving yourself

Beneath superior minds of reasons lay a cluster of instincts that have preserved humanity as a species for eons – long before man could create Facebook, he had to survive spending a day as a clawless, slow running, poor climbing, poor seeing entrée. Self-preservation is something ingrained in everyone – it’s why some people are afraid of heights, stinging insects, snakes and thunder. But in shooting, because of the loud bang, your self-preservation instinct becomes a buck, jerk or slap of the trigger that invariably ruins your shooting performance. Your instinct to survive doesn’t understand shot-placement only that the loud bang needs to happen as far away as possible and be over as quickly as possible. This instinct cannot be canceled out – but it can be managed to a degree that your shooting performance will work hand in hand with your instincts for self-preservation, especially when you want to prevail in a deadly force conflict. Training at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy will help you harness your self-preservation instincts to get the kind of shots you want in your moment of truth.