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Self-Reliance or Self-Assured – which will help you prevail?


Self-reliance is quite simply reliance on one’s own powers and resources rather than those of others. A, perhaps uniquely American characteristic, relying on oneself is a hallmark of freedom. In our modern society, those who have had an upbringing in self-reliance seem to perform better in the face of challenging circumstances throughout their life. When your endeavor is to take training to shoot well, whether with the bolt rifle, pistol, M4 carbine or combat shotgun, your ability to rely on your own powers become substantial. But what if self-reliance, powerful as it is, was only half of the equation?

If it is to be, it is up to me – the pathway to being self-assured

Possessing the personal resources and ability to rely on one’s power to prevail is a primary training characteristic at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy. But beyond giving you the tools you need to prevail in your moment of truth, your confidence in performing well creates a unique shooter’s confidence. Self-reliance is the first step to prevail, but being self-assured, confident in one’s own abilities or character, is what wins the day. Having the confidence to draw the line in the sand in the presence of a critical threat comes from being self-assured. But being self-assured in your ability to handle a threat comes from a solid base of training – and that is what you get at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy.

When you train at TPA, you get a solid base of knowledge and exposure to an elevated heart rate that imbues you with the steady, steely confidence you will need to prevail in your moment of truth. Unlock the formula for winning, self-assured self-reliance, at TPA today!