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Consistency is the mother of precision…


When people go out and shoot a firearm, most of their mental energy focuses on the fractions of seconds leading up to the boom and the fractions of seconds they have after the boom. The rest of the time before and after the blast is spent thinking “I really hope I hit my target” (boom) then, “Why didn’t I hit my target?” In precision activities like shooting, consistency is the mother of precision – you need a repeatable and reliable firing stroke to delivery hits on target. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you get the training you need to build a consistent firing stroke whether you are shooting a handgun, M4 carbine, combat shotgun, bolt rifle or your favorite bow. Doing the right thing every time, in this case, a proper firing stroke, will give you success at the target whether you are shooting at a long distance steel target or a bull elk.

…and Simplicity is the mother of accuracy

But beyond consistency for precision, you must have simplicity for accuracy. Since the human mind can only focus on one thing at a time, where you keep your mind when you break the shot is critical to success. As critical, is where you keep your visual focus. At TPA, you will learn a consistent firing stroke married to simple mental and visual focus anchors that take advantage of the body’s natural tendencies when under elevated heart rate so you can deliver an accurate and precise shot. Keeping your mental and visual focus on the anchor points you will learn at TPA will guarantee your success as long as you consistently apply the firing stroke. Learning the consistent firing stroke with the embedded simple mental and visual focus point will build a confidence in your shooting success so great that you will spend your time thinking “I’m going to make this shot…” (boom) “I knew that was going to be a great shot.” Step into a new realm of training at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy today and guarantee your success on target.