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Doctrine vs. Dogma – Modern firearm techniques


The indisputable fountainhead of modern firearms training was Jeff Cooper at his facility in Arizona, Gunsite. In fact, many of today’s firearms instructors came from that first class of students who still teach today. Cooper’s contribution to the science and society of modern firearms training is undeniable, but his contribution goes beyond how to handle a pistol. What he really introduced into the marketplace was a packaged training program for the civilian consumer – which demands the best, safest, and proven training money can buy. Since Cooper’s time, the evolution from his Weaver stance has migrated into the modern pistol technique by Bill Rogers. Changes to shooting techniques have been made since then, for better or worse.

How to recognize doctrine vs. dogma?

Today, many firearm training companies have a binary behavior. They either stick with a dogmatic shooting program that leaves no room for innovation or, they flitter around to multiple “new” techniques without having a sure foundation – what’s here today, will be gone tomorrow. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you can enjoy data-driven firearms techniques based on actual human performance under stress. Every instructor at TPA seeks outside training, it’s the only way to keep abreast of the latest technology and techniques. But what TPA instructors have, unlike many others, are a very discerning eye for what will work when someone is shooting at accelerated heart rate. Essentially baseball scouts of the shooting world – we know good techniques when we see them. Avoid the dogma and fly by night training. Whether you are shooting a bolt rifle, pistol, M4 carbine, or shotgun, at TPA the techniques you are using have been researched and tested countless times with proven results.

Predator vs. Prey – the Leopard and the Impala


When predators look for prey in the wild, two critical criteria must be met. The prey must be available within the Predator’s abilities like speed or biting force, and the prey must be weak enough not to injure or kill the predator in his pursuit. A similar calculus happens in society. The strong who do not follow the standards of society look to prey upon the weak. But because humans are thinking animals they were able to create tools to deal with the threats of modern societies, namely firearms. As history tells it “God created man, but Sam Colt made them equal”.

No horns = no Leopards? No guns = no crime?

The gun control community would have you believe that eliminating guns will eliminate crime. But no matter how you slice it this is simply not true. Back to our leopard and impala – the leopard attacks with his teeth and claws. The Impala defends itself with its horns and hooves. Cutting the horns off the Impala won’t stop the leopard from attacking. But this is what the gun control crowd would have you believe. If you feel a subtle apprehension that not having gun training or owning a firearm will make you immune from crime, then you’ve come to the right place. At  Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy you can learn the proper firing techniques whether you shoot a pistol, shotgun, bolt rifle, or M4 carbine. Learn the skills you need to keep the leopards at bay today!

Proper shooting grip – the hands are busy tools

Extensive study about how the human hand grasps an object has been conducted for many years and a lot has been learned. Consider how versatile the human hand is. The same tool that can grasp and throw a baseball at 100 mph can perform delicate eye surgery. But when it comes to shooting, there are many ways that improper grip can get in the way of a good shot. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you can learn proper grip when shooting a pistol. Whether shooting a pistol, bolt right, shotgun, or M4 carbine, you will get the firing stroke training you need for point of aim point of impact performance.

Magic Hands

It’s hard to be shooting without hearing the mantra for a good grip on the modern handgun. Strong side hand as high up on the pistol grip – support hand thumb forward, fingers wrapped around the strong side hand under the trigger guard. Some go so far as to say float the thumbs, while other are strongly opposed. Although a good firing grip is a good foundation to proper firing technique, it is itself not enough. Things change when the hand’s job goes from gross motor skill grasping to a precision trigger pull. With results many have seen at the range, these two actions seemed opposed when you look at shots on target. So how do you get a gross motor grasp and precision control of the trigger finger? You need to master a firing stroke that accounts for the capabilities, and limits, of human physiology. Learn this at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy and improve your shooting immediately!

The Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy Difference


Over the last 10 years, shooting schools across the country have exploded onto the scene. The marketplace, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, are chocked full of bearded gunmen, some retired from service, or of unknown origin, peddling “secret shooting skills” marketed to “give you the edge” in your shooting ability. But like seeds scattered on the shallow ground, you see them bloom, then wilt under the sun of the open market – why?

Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy – Human Performance Laboratory

For over thirty years Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy has been training shooters with a physiological and mentally efficient firing stroke derived from years of research. Something you learn when you attend classes at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy is that TPA is more than a shooting school – it is a shooting laboratory. The personnel at TPA are more than instructors, they are shooting researchers who constantly study how humans perform the act of shooting a firearm. Whether shooting a pistol, M4 carbine, bolt rifle, or combat shotgun, years of human performance data have been collected and studied. The result is a reliable, repeatable and sustainable training protocol that relies on the natural physical and mental tendencies of a shooter under stress, to deliver a point of aim, point of impact shot on target. TPA creates shooters who can deliver well-aimed fire on a target especially under stress.

When it’s time to take your shot under stress, whether stress from finally seeing your trophy animal or being confronted with danger, you can rely on the long history of training success at TPA to deliver the shot you need.