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Operational Confidence – Hunters and Long Range Tactical Shooters


Watching shooters over the years you discover that there is a very special drive inside of hunters and long range tactical shooters. Perhaps it’s the challenge of creating the perfect shot from difficult circumstances that drive them? For hunters, the drive may stem from the relentless pursuit of the ultimate trophy. For the long range tactical shooter, the drive may come from wanting a perfect shooting performance under extremely challenging odds. Either way, at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you will get the training you need to achieve operational confidence no matter your target.

All hunters are tactical

Although some may not see the immediate connection – all hunters are tactical, and all tactical shooters are hunters. Depending on their environment the target may shift between two and four legs, however, the firing stroke needed to hit your target can be used interchangeably. At TPA you will learn the fundamentals of long range marksmanship. Finally, learn how to integrate being bone supported and muscle relaxed with a trigger pull that will pay dividends all the way to 600 yards. Here you will learn dial-up, holdover, and wind correction and how to use the techniques under different shooting positions. Whether you are looking for a Marco Polo sheep or competing in your first precision rifle competition you will find the training you are looking for at TPA. Long range results and especially operational confidence are what you will get when you spend time in the bolt rifle course at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy –  join us today!