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Course highlight: Long Range Rifle Series


Arguably the most trusted and respected of all American firearms is the centerfire rifle. The modern improvement upon its ball and powder ancestor, the modern rifle is a technological masterpiece the early creators dreamed of. Featuring a multitude of calibers for all types of game at ranges up to and including 1 mile, the modern long range rifle is a weapon platform second to none. But for all the technology inside today’s modern rifle, the fundamentals of marksmanship must be mastered to harness the potential of any gun. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you can take the Long Range Rifle Series that consists of Basic & Advanced courses to give you a firm foundation in the fundamentals of marksmanship and long range shooting

What you get

The Long Range Rifle series begins in the classroom. Here you will discover the combat triad of shooting a long gun at range, and what the responsibility of the gun and shooter has to be. Proper shooter friendly rifle setup and a proper cleaning technique are reviewed to deliver a clean bore – cold bore first shot performance. Discussions on windage and elevation, the MOA system and the fundamentals of external ballistics round out the classroom portion. Then an extensive dry fire session follows where you get onto your gun and dry fire the firing sequence that focuses on bone supported, muscle-relaxed shooter performance and communication with your spotter. On the firing line, in both the basic and advanced courses, discovery of your DOPE out to distance and mastery of the firing stroke will help you master your weapon and your cartridge. As always, the private setting at TPA allows for the student to train in depth to the degree they demonstrate they are digesting the curriculum – you can drink from the water fountain or the firehose.

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