30+ years of training has taught us... the shooting environment is totally critical to what you absorb and retain in regard to "firearms instruction"



TexaasPistol & Rifle Academy Facility
Our 100 plus acre facility is home to 10 major shootin ranges designed to support handgun, shotgun, and rifle shooting simultaneously in a safe manner. Included in the family of ranges are the 600 yard, the 800 yard, Jungle walk, and the shooting house. The jungle walk is a drill used to simulate early target recognition in a wooded area. The shoot house or hogans ally as we like to call it, is used to teach the shooter to clear rooms of a home by cutting the pie or identifying the threat, and engaging the threat inside of the house. Guest quarters are on the property for the shooters convenience and our jack russel terriers will make you feel right at home. Our adjunct instructors have superior training credentials. These credentials consist correlations to Law enforcement, Special Forces Soldiers, and Swat team personnel aim.