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Give Peace of Mind this Christmas


Peace of mind can be fleeting. There is always something in the news to keep you awake at night, and the news is practically inescapable. No matter where you turn, your mobile phone, your laptop, your tablet, your satellite radio, your television, you hear that tragedy has struck someone, somewhere. The only way to avoid this onslaught is to turn off the information feed. But is no news really good news? There is a better way to find peace of mind. In fact, what if there was a way to give peace of mind this Christmas? The comfort you want and would like to give lies in gun training.

Now you can. This holiday season Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy is offering training gift certificates for all of their shooting classes. If you want to give peace of mind this holiday season, consider a gift certificate for handgun training. Do you know someone who owns a firearm, but has never had training? A gift certificate is the perfect way to help them own a gun responsibly and safely in their home. There is no better remedy for worry than peace of mind, and that comes only from proper training and practice. Perhaps the hunter in your life needs the peace of mind of making the perfect shot? Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy offers long range rife training – out to 700 yards, so they can take the long shot they need. No matter what quarry your hunter pursues, they will find the training they need at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy.

Give peace of mind this Christmas when you purchase a training gift certificate for the gun owner in your family. Find all the training products you need at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy in Whitewright Texas. Call Robert at 903-271-8890 and order your training gift certificate today!