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Natural Progression of Learning

natural progression of learning

Technology promises turnkey results. Buy X, get Y. Drills aren’t bought to have drills, but to have holes. Laptops, mobile phones, appliances, – they all have features, but what are the real benefits? Speed? Efficiency? Saving money? Saving time? Technology promises features, but which do you really need? Turnkey results marketing has bled into learning products. Buy X, and learn how to Y immediately. Human learning however, follows a different path. Repetition, and multilevel skill building are required – often not fitting the model of turnkey solutions. Shouldn’t you seek training that offers repetition and a natural progression of skills? Carrying a pistol for protection isn’t enough. It’s a good first step. Training should be the next. Training that follows your natural progression of learning. Start with Basic. Move through the Intermediate. Finish with the Advanced. This is how the Defensive Pistol Series works, and how it will work for you.

Natural Learning with Your Pistol

At any gun range you see them. People eager to learn, and people eager to teach. Well intentioned but mixed results. You overhear a briefing on how to shoot then you hear some gunshots. Their target didn’t get the shooting lesson. There is a right way to teach and learn shooting a pistol. In the Defensive Pistol Series, you have a three level course. Basic Handgun begins with the fundamentals. Body position. Grip. Sight picture and alignment. Trigger control, and repetition to get it right. Intermediate Handgun builds on the Basic with a deeper level of gun handling and practical exercises. Advanced Handgun takes it to the streets, focused on concealed carry. Texas Pistol Academy classes are built on the natural progression of learning. Repetition is key, and practical exercises. Learning doesn’t end when you step off the range. Each class can be practiced at home without firing a shot.

Texas Pistol Academy’s Defensive Pistol Series follows your natural progression of learning. Discover the right way to shoot built on how you learn. Sign up for the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Handgun courses online.