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Old Reliable


Find the firearms training you are looking for when you train at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy in Whitewright Texas. Your premiere training center in North Texas, discover what you’re missing in your firearms training regimen. Whether your weapon of choice is the handgun, shotgun, AR-15, or bolt rifle you will find what you are looking for here. There is more to shooting than good equipment. Get the most out of your equipment spending when you get the training to match. There is also more to shooting than pulling the trigger and hoping for the best. Don’t like your shot group? Don’t blame the trigger, get trained. Shots not going where you planned? Get trained. Open a new world of target mastery when you train at TPA. Whether you are looking for more speed, accuracy, or both you will find what you’re looking for at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy.

Pump Action or Semiautomatic

Early firearm inventors realized an accurate bullet launched from a rifle was great. Then someone thought more about it, and decided the more the merrier. At that moment, the shotgun was born. Always a large caliber weapon, the shotgun is capable of dishing out whatever you decide to feed it. Capable of putting meat in your pot, and defending your little slice of heaven, the shotgun has done it all throughout history. Whether you shoot a pump action or semiautomatic, you can find the shotgun training you need to make the most of your weapon. The Tactical Shotgun Series at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy will put you and your shotgun through your paces. A three-level class, you will learn how to master this “thinking shooter’s weapon” and shoot better than ever before. Treated as a spray-and-pray scattergun, you will find there is more to learn here. Get trained now.

Get your old reliable shotgun out of the safe and onto the range at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy in Whitewright Texas.