Our shooters enjoy the totally private setting, while instruction is given!

Power In Your Hands

Fighting Carbine Series at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy

When think about the perfect firearm, what comes to mind? Better yet, if you could make one, what would it be like? Lightweight? Ergonomic? Accurate? Carry a sufficient ammo supply? Welcome to the realm of the AR-15. Often misunderstood, even misnamed (an AR-15 is NOT an M4) the AR is the most prolific rifle in the U.S. If you have one sitting in the safe, it is time to rethink what you can do with it. Think beyond the rifle range. Have you considered how incredible this rifle would be as a close quarter’s weapon? But it isn’t accessories that will take you to the next level shooting your AR-15. Training certainly will. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you can enjoy the Fighting Carbine Series. As you move through the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level classes, you will really learn what makes this rifle tick.

Fully Capable

One of the best features of the AR, is the ergonomics. Your strength and stature won’t get in the way of shooting this rifle. Often you will see videos of running and gunning with the AR by tactical athletes. This rifle is a great equalizer. Anyone can shoot it. Which means anyone can train with it. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, you will learn how to run this rifle in three classes. Starting with the Basic class, and moving through Advanced Fighting Carbine, you will learn how to shoot the rifle quickly and accurately. You will be taught how to move with the rifle safely. You may surprise yourself by what you are capable of. With the right tools in hand, anything is possible. When you sign up to master the AR-15, you are taking a bold step into a larger world. You have the power in your hands.

Put the power in your hands when you bring your AR-15 to the Fighting Carbine Series. Offered in Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced classes only at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy in Whitewright, Texas.