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Preparedness vs. Preparation

preparation vs. preparedness

Similar words. Starkly different states. Preparation is what you do to get ready for something. It is made of small, sometimes endless tasks. Charging your cell phone at overnight. Making a grocery list before shopping. Adding a calendar entry. Preparation is made of the mundane, but necessary tasks that make up your day. Critically however, making preparations for something only addresses the outer world. Rehearsing is preparation, but does nothing to reduce your anxiety about public speaking. Preparation for an interview makes you review your resume, but doesn’t make you confident you will get the job. Preparation is what sells self-help books and lectures, but leave you no better mentally prepared – just organized. Organization has its place, otherwise chaos reigns. What happens when preparation isn’t enough? When no number of rehearsals reduces your apprehension? Then it is time to dive into preparedness – where being ready takes over from getting ready.

Preparedness equals calm confidence

Preparedness at its core is a state of readiness, especially for war. What war are you fighting today? Do you carry a concealed handgun? You have a taken a step in preparation for a gunfight. But does that equal preparedness? Maintaining readiness is a mental and physical challenge. Some say they carry a gun for protection, but never dissect what that means. Dispelling misapprehensions, it means gun fighting. Preparedness for gun fighting has distinct preparation steps that are easier to achieve than you may think. Gun fight preparedness begins with training. Good training covers gun handling, mindset, and practical exercises that instill confidence. It is a state of readiness, physical and mental. Texas Pistol Academy offers basic, intermediate, and advanced pistol classes to give you the preparedness you need. This type of training goes beyond preparation. Gun handling, mindset, and practical exercises enhance your mental and physical preparedness. Shooter Ready?

At Texas Pistol Academy, you will find the training you need to go beyond preparations for self-defense. Discover the difference between preparation vs. preparedness. Be mentally and physically prepared every time you pick up your handgun. Enroll in the Defensive Pistol Series online.