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The Perfect Gift for Your College Student


For many, sending a child to college is a major milestone. Not only do they take your hopes and dreams for them off to college, you would like to get a little peace of mind in return. Take care of your college student, by giving them the gift of training. Buy a Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy training gift certificate and rest easy. These gift certificates can be applied to any course offered at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, including the Texas License to Carry. Many campuses across Texas allow their students to possess and carry concealed handguns, and yours can too. The Texas LTC offers a special comfort both on and off campus.

But personal defense means more than having a Texas LTC. Knowing what to do with a handgun, especially under stress, is critical to self-defense. Buy your college student the handgun training they need with the holiday gift certificates now available at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy. These classes are taught at the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level. Your college student’s training begins with the Basic Handgun #250 that gives the proper introduction to safety and the Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy training triad. This training triad is the base upon which all classes are taught. Here they will learn about each step necessary to shoot well. Shooting well under stress is critically important for self-defense. Arm your college student with the right tools they need to protect themselves. By giving a gift certificate this holiday season, you can also give yourself some well-deserved peace of mind.

Enjoy your college student over the holidays and rest easy knowing they will unwrap the perfect gift. Buy them a Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy training gift certificate and buy yourself some restful night’s sleep. Call Robert today at 903.271.8890 and get your Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy training gift certificate!

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