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Basic Long-Range Rifle

Basic Long-Range Rifle 2-Day Course

Starting the first morning of the Basic Long-Range Rifle Course, you will learn how to outfit your long-range precision rifle to be shooter friendly, eliminating anything on your rifle that gets in the way of your shooting. You will learn a specific, professional cleaning routine so you can deliver a clean-bore, cold-bore first shot exactly on target. You will learn about the training triad, and what role a good mental focus and visual focus has in sending the bullet. On the firing line, you will use the steps in the training in order to zero your rifle at 200 yards and impact the target the first time, every time. Next, you will begin the dial-up discovery process where you adjust your elevation and windage turrets to get point of aim, and point of impact shot placement on targets from 180 to 500 yards.

On the second day, you will be trained on how to hold the center of the crosshair over the target for elevation instead of using the elevation turret. This “hold-over” technique relies on using the only the reticle to deliver the shot you want. This hold-over technique is fast and intended to get you on your target and shooting as quickly as possible. Every hunter knows the perfect shot is fleeting! Also on the second day, you will be taught how to plot the flight path of your specific bullet every 10 yards based on the dial-up data from Day 1, so you can hit a target using the plot of the flight path of the bullet.

At the end of the 2-day Basic Long-Range Rifle Course, you will also be able use the hold-over method, and bullet flight path plot, to deliver a point of aim, point of impact cold and clean bore shot on a target out to 500 yards.