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Long Shot Long-Range Rifle

“Long Shot” Long-Range Rifle 1-Day Course

The Long Shot 1-day course builds upon the Basic Long-Range Rifle course and addresses the special challenges of shooting beyond 500 yards. This 1-Day course begins with a review of the 2-Day Basic Long-Range Rifle course in the classroom and on the firing line. Once the refresher portion is complete, the firing line moves to the Long Shot firing line for shots out to 800 yards. Here you will learn to meet the special challenges of shooting beyond 500 yards including proper bullet drop estimation, calling the wind, and learning to trust your skills enough to move into the “sending the bullet” phase of the training triad. This course is perfect for those wanting to stretch their bolt action rifles and shooting abilities far beyond what they ever imagined possible..

At the end of Advanced Long-Range Rifle, you will have the confidence to be able to make point of aim, point of impact shots at ranges up to 800 yards.

You can give the Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy Long-Range Rifle Course as a gift this holiday season when you choose the training gift certificate you want below. Give the gift of better shooting, because better shooting makes better people!