We offer private settings for based on your shooting request!!



Center punch it

this shooter took it seriously………..when we said “center punch it” at the # 6 berm!!!

Handgun training

we have been doing this for 30 yrs, we are excited about what our shooters can accomplish in such a short amount of time……

The gun works

These boys made sure of that…..confidence uppppppp!!!!!!!!!


Wanna be an instructor……?

Now who would not wanna be an instructor under 3 conditions like these,,,,,,lets learn to shoot and have some fun while we are at it!!!!

Seed wheat makes good

We farm over a thousand acres of wheat of wheat up in The pan handle of texas….we have big horned deer, always creeping around in


Training day……

Training days go really well when your shooters have lots of “center punches”………

The Daniels “Herd”

Putting 5 brothers together for a 500 yard shooting event at the “texas pistol & rifle academy” Was “mucho” fun!!!even for the sons and grandson