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TPA overview

Texas Pistol Academy (TPA) We view learning to shoot a firearm, a fun, and at the same time, serious endeavor… your personal safety is our

Bolt Rifle Introduction

Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy introduction to the bolt rifle. Why us? Why should you spend your money and more importantly your time with us.

Bolt Rifle – Scope Leveling tool

Take a look as we discuss the importance of scope leveling for good accurate long range shooting. Bullet spin off can become a major issue

Bolt Rifle – Manage the Rifle

Robert Duhon discusses the fundamentals of proper body position on a Bolt Gun. How to induce bone support and muscle relax on a rifle to

Namibia Trip; Summer 2015

  “I shot a black Wildebeest, Oryx and a Springbok.  Great trip.  I had great confidence in my hunt (shot mostly off sticks), your class