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  • Waiver to Come and Shoot

    I, agree for and in consideration of Texas Pistol Academy Inc., for allowing me to take a Texas Pistol Academy Inc., practical shooting course at its facilities, do hereby fully and completely release the Texas Pistol Academy Inc. its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, assistance and associates, including but not limited to, Robert W Duhon, from any and all damages, injuries, losses or death occurring to me during the Texas Pistol Academy Inc. Basic Handgun, Intermediate Handgun, Advanced Handgun, Basic Shotgun, Defensive Carbine, One Day Refresher Course, All Ladies Courses, Defensive Rifleman, OSTL, Law Enforcement Only, or our Annual Shoot.

    Safety is of the utmost importance on the Texas Pistol Academy Inc. range and during its training. Due to the inherent danger of firearms, incidents may occur and bodily harm may result, including but not limited to: damage to ears, including loss of hearing; damage to eyes, including loss of eyesight, or damage to body parts, including but not limited to fingers, hands, arms, toes, feet, legs, and internal organs and death.

    This release is given with full knowledge of the dangers inherent in practical shooting and handling of firearms, as well as with the knowledge that the Texas Pistol Academy Inc., does not make any claims to any special suitability or characteristics of its facilities, nor regarding shooting in general or particular shooting training.

    I further warrant that no promise, statement, threat, or agreement not herein expressed has been made. I acknowledge that I have the opportunity to not sight this waiver, and not participate in the course. I warrant that I have carefully read and considered every portion of the instrument and have had the opportunity to make inquiries as to the meaning or effect of the same. I warrant that I fully understand this instrument and I execute it with full knowledge of its meaning.



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