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Intermediate Combat Shotgun #350 – Group Class

Combat Shotgun Series – Intermediate Combat Shotgun #350 – $700

Course Syllabus

Welcome and Orientation to Intermediate Combat Shotgun #350 – Review TPA Training Triad & Safety

  1. 1/2 Day Refresh and Review of Basic Combat Shotgun #250
  2. Strong Side / Support Side Shooting & Reloading
  3. Shotgun to Handgun Transitions
  4. Prep for Night Fire Exercise
  5. Night Fire Exercise
  6. Graduation

Intermediate Combat Shotgun #350

Welcome and Orientation intro to Intermediate Combat Shotgun #350 – Review TPA Training Triad & Safety
Your day begins in the classroom with a reorientation and reintroduction to the TPA Training Triad. The Training Triad is the foundation of every course taught at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy. The Training Triad has 3 sides that together help you shoot well. On one side is “mental & visual focus” – since your mind and eyes can only focus on one thing at a time, putting them in the right place is critical for good shooting. The next side is “sending the bullet”- here, the steps of a successful firing stroke are explained to help you deliver point of – aim point of impact shots. The final side is “good equipment” – this describes what characteristics are desirable in a shotgun to make it shooter friendly. A thorough safety briefing is presented covering firearm safety rules. You will also be briefed on how to conduct yourself on the range and in the dugout area where you will store your gear and ammo.

1/2 Day Refresh and Review of Basic Combat Shotgun #250

Your day on the firing line begins with a thorough refresh and review of the gun handling portion of the Basic Combat Shotgun #250 course. Here you will be refreshed on proper body position to manage recoil, proper grip (including pump), sight picture, safety manipulation, trigger press, and racking the shotgun to reload (for pump shotguns). Reloading the shotgun is integral to gun handling and will be extensively reviewed. Two types of ready conditions, two types of reloads, and slug-select drills are also reviewed. Shotguns will also be re-patterned in this phase in case of shotgun or ammo changes from the previous class.

Strong Side / Support Side Shooting & Reloading

Shooting and reloading your shotgun with either the strong or support side is a critical skill when using your shotgun for real-world personal defense. Here you will be taught how to use either arm to meaningfully aim and shoot your shotgun, then reload to stay in the fight. One handed & alternative body supported positions for racking the shotgun will also be taught (for pump shotguns).

Shotgun to Handgun Transitions

A review of gun handling from the Defensive Pistol Series – Basic Handgun #250 (prerequisite) will begin this phase. Transitions between a primary and secondary weapon is a critical skill for defensive shooting. Here you will learn how to safely transition from your shotgun (primary weapon) to your handgun (secondary weapon) when your shotgun is empty or malfunctioning. You will also learn at what distances to make these transitions vs. when you would prefer to reload your shotgun from cover.

Prep for Night Fire Exercise

Towards the end of the daylight portion of your training session, you will be taught how to use your shotgun mounted light and shotgun together. Light discipline and target identification are reinforced in this phase. Movement will be added to your flashlight technique. You will learn how to illuminate, identify, shoot, then move in darkness. This is the dress rehearsal for the night fire exercise in the shoot house.

Night Fire Exercise

At dark, you will move through the shoot house with your flashlight equipped shotgun to find and engage a target. This scenario also reinforces the lessons of Marksmanship Under Stress by shooting under accelerated heart rate as you feel the real challenge of trying to identify, illuminate, and shoot a target in total darkness.


At the end of the training day, you will participate in a graduation ceremony where you receive a certificate of completion for your training effort.

*Equipment and Prerequisite Requirements

Basic Combat Shotgun #250 and Basic Handgun #250, a tactical shotgun (pump or semi) with a 4 to 6 round magazine capacity, pistol, holster, magazine pouches, 3-4 pistol magazines, sling (single point or double point), a shotgun belt slide (for extra ammo) or shotgun shell sleeve (for the butt stock) or a dump pouch, Ballistic eye protection (clear or dark) and hearing protection , 250 round bird shot, 50 round of Slug, 50 rounds of Buckshot, 250 rounds of pistol ammo.

Intermediate Combat Shotgun #350
Intermediate Combat Shotgun #350