30+ years of training has taught us... the shooting environment is totally critical to what you absorb and retain in regards to "firearms instruction"

Intermediate Combat Shotgun Training

Combat Shotgun Training at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy
Combat Shotgun Training

This course continues to build on the skills learned in the basic course and pushes the student’s skill set in a dynamic shooting environment while still focusing on the fundamentals. Students will continue to hone their weapons manipulation skills while adding much more movement into the shooting problems that will require the shooter to transition to a sidearm. Participants will learn to effectively engage targets out to 100 yards and will experience the ” Stony Drill” where shooting and moving are the easy part. This is a physically demanding course and timed events will add pressure. Students will then move to the shoot house for lecture and practical Close Quarters Battle introduction designed for home defense.

Students will learn, focus and polish: combat reload skills, marksmanship, and transition to a secondary weapon and an introduction to basic Close Quarter Home Defense.

Equipment and Course Requirements: Basic Shotgun and Basic Pistol courses,A tactical shotgun with a 4 to 6 round magazine capacity, Pistol, Holster, magazine pouches, 3-4 pistol magazines, sling (single point or double point),  a Shotgun belt slide (for extra ammo) or shotgun shell sleeve (for the butt stock) or a dump pouch, Ballistic eye protection (clear or dark) and hearing protection , 50 round of Slug, 50 rounds of Buck Shot, 100 rounds of pistol ammo.