Training at our facility allows all our students to excel at a pace that best suits them.... "you can drink from a garden hose... or fire hydrant!"

Fighting Carbine I Classes Available for Sat Dec 1st


Advanced Fighting Carbine I

Advanced Carbine I course is a physically demanding course designed to give the student ample opportunity to practically apply the skills that have been built during previous classes. Students will have their skills thoroughly evaluated through a series of ” stress shooting” scenarios and Immediate Action Drills.

The course will introduce the student to theories of close combat and urban movement for home defense using the shoot house.

Students will learn: Alternate shooting positions to be used in modern combat environments, Slow and Methodical vs. Dynamic room entries using single man and buddy teams.

What to bring: I- 1400-5.56, 200- pistol, Body armor is highly recomended. Standard indavidual tactical equipment.

( Weapons lights, gloves and ballistic eye protection are required and Body Armor with Plates highly recommended!)

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For Class Info Contact:
Josh Duhon 214.663.3910

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