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Fighting Carbine Advanced |I Classes available for Sat Dec 15th


Fighting Carbine Advanced II

This course will expose the students to low light/night shooting on the flat range in preparation for moving to the shoot house. Students will also conduct several immediate action drills in low light scenarios to gain confidence in their skills and equipment.

Students will learn and demonstrate: safe weapons handling and employment in a low light situation beginning with simple drills and ending with the Culmination Training Exercise. This course will move through day light hours well into the night with students demonstrating their safe weapons handling as well as their Tactical and Technical proficiencies.

What to bring: 250 round 5.56 Frangible, 200 – pistol. It is recommended but required to bring 500 extra rounds of 5.56 and another 200 rounds of pistol for use by the student during the “Open Range Practice session”. The Range will be made available to students to work on individual skills while awaiting their turn through the scenario training. Body Armor and gun lights are highly recommended along with the standard individual tactical equipment

( Weapons lights, gloves and ballistic eye protection are required and Body Armor with Plates highly recommended!)

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