We offer private settings for based on your shooting request!!

Dangerous Game

If your hunter, you know there’s nothing like the thrill of the ultimate kill. That animal that you hunt and the one that might hunt you. This is as serious as it gets. Come learn the skills with Scout Rifle that could be the difference between success and disaster. We will teach you how to execute with speed and accuracy from 100 yards and in…

5 to 10 min

I tell shooters all the time that developing proper muscle memory is the key to shooting success. Acquiring this success is a 5 to 10 min a night effort. No matter what the weapon of choice may be, handgun, shotgun or rifle a shooter can in the privacy of his own home develop his shooting skills with 5 to 10 min of dry fire routine. When you visit us we will develop a dry fire sequence with you that can put to work for yourself to develop rock solid shooting technique.

100 plus Acres of shooting facility

At Texas Pistol and Rifle we have over 100 acres of shooting facility to service the sporting as well as the tactical shooter. With a reactionary steel range for our handgun shooters, a 800 yard rifle range for our bolt gun shooters and multiple shooting bays for our M4 shooters we can service whatever area of shooting you may be most interested in!

Military Flavor

Our background for our training doctrine comes from the military. Specifically Army Special Forces. No matter what your training product may be you will experience our training to be regimented and structured. Above all SAFE. We have operated for 30 years without a single training accident. Most of our instructors with the exception of 2 have Special forces backgrounds and are seasoned professionals when it comes to working with shooters and producing a quality result in a short period of time. Come see us on the Handgun range, Shotgun, or M4 ranges and see what the Texas Pistol and Rifle experience is all about!

Shooting and Learning

Learned knowledge and activity knowledge are two very different things. In the shooting world we are often tempted with a tremendous amount of learned knowledge. Books, videos, youtube clips, facebook videos, tons of outlets for learned knowledge. Many times this knowledge is inexpensive and may appear at first to be all we need in order to accomplish our shooting goals. Unfortunately this is not the case, if it was we wouldnt have a firearms training facility that has been training people for almost 30 years! There would be no need for our services in the market place. Activity knowledge is the most important type of knowledge and is the most important type of information for the growth of any individual in any area of there life and certainly in a shooters life. That is why it is a valuable investment of your time to come and see us. Come out and do the activity and gain the type of information that will progress your shooting at an extremely fast rate. Handgun, shotgun or rifle.. Come do the activity and gain the expertise!

Trigger Management

In many of the semi auto handguns of today there will be slack in the trigger. This can increase the difficulty of putting effective rounds on target if you do not have a plan in place to deal with this.. We will teach you to take up the slack and go to the wall so that each break of the trigger is predictable and accurate.

Eyes move then the gun

In tactical shooting we see many shooters moving the gun to the target then focusing the eyes on where they want to shoot. This is not the fastest way to transition from one target to the next in a situation where your engaging several targets. Our eyes must drive the gun, the eyes move then the gun moves. Handgun shooting, shotgun or M4 makes no difference. Our eyes drive the gun.

Tip for New Shooter

We love to meet new shooters, that is shooters that have not had the chance to form any bad habits or improper neurological programing. We offer the following advice.. If your new to shooting, whatever the area may be, sporting or tactical come see us and use all of our equipment. This will be a tremendous financial savings for you as a shooter in the long run because it will allow you to learn what you like and more importantly don’t like in guns and gear. When your training is over with us you can go out into the market place and make a smart purchase based on what you know you want and what you know WORKS!


There was a bit of a scare on ammo supply in months past. Texas Pistol and Rifle is happy to announce that ammo supply is opening back up and its getting easier and easier to acquire ammo. So purchase some and come see us for any of our sporting or tactical training products.

Everything starts with the grip

When i work with a handgun shooter the thing that i will focus on more than other other thing is the firing grip the shooter has on his or her pistol. This is where it all starts. If the grip is right theres a good chance that everything else will fall into place, conversely if the grip is incorrect theres a good chance that everything else will be off as well. Everything starts with the grip of the pistol. Come see us at Texas Pistol and Rifle to get the right grip on things ;).

What we provide

At Texas Pistol and Rifle we provide a number of different things to aid in your success for the day, weapons, gear and exceptional instructor staff will allow us to make your time with us not only productive but stress free. We will be able account for just about anything that you as a shooter did not so that your training product with us goes as smoothly as it can. Come visit us on the M4 range, Handgun bay, shotgun range and see what the Texas Pistol and Rifle experience is all about.

Having Fun

Shooting should be fun. Tactical Shooting or sporting shooting. Makes no difference. If your not having fun chances are your not learning anything. At Texas Pistol and Rifle we want you to have fun! Our course content will be real world applicable while still maintaining an element of fun factor that will allow you as a shooter to not only enjoy the day but learn skills sets that will stay with you throughout the rest of your shooting career.


Whatever your area of shooting maybe, whatever your interest, indulgence or taste we at Texas Pistol and Rifle are fascinated and driven to help you learn, succeed and grow. This is why we ourselves are students striving everyday to learn and grow as a facility. Our desire to learn improve and grow will be translated in our ability to help you as a shooter grow and improve. To give you the confidence to execute shots from distances and positions that you never before thought possible. Comes see us and get the experience first hand for yourself.

Whatever you spent on the tool…. Triple that to learn to use it

At Texas Pistol and Rifle we see so many times individuals willing to spend thousands on the tools and then pennys to learn to use them. Handgun, shotgun, bolt rifle or M4. Whatever your chosen toy may be it only stands to reason that buying the toy and then learning how to use it by watching Call of Duty or your favorite action Tv show is NOT the best approach. There are no shortcuts in life and certainly not any when it comes to learning proper weapons manipulation. Invest in yourself 2 to 3 times the amount that you have spent on the toys. This approach will set you up for success.

Dynamic Shooting Vs. The target range

Anyone can go to the range, put up a paper target and given enough time and bullets, make anyone think by there holes in there paper that they “know” how to shoot. In our experience this is a far cry from what reality tells us. We build shooters that can shoot, move and communicate. Dynamic shooting. Real world activity. Call it whatever you want to. We will teach you to walk and chew gum at the same time, give you the ability to manipulate your chosen weapon system with a polish and confidence that can only be gotten when a shooter has proven themselves in dynamic shooting platform.

When your shooting goes South

Shooting under accelerated heart rate conditions is not an easy task! Buck / jerk/ or slap of the trigger normally enters the equation and is magnified when the heart rate is up….where does that buck / jerk/ slap of the trigger come from???based on my observations of watching human beings shoot over the last forty yrs I have drawn some conclusions……….every one has a buck/jerk/slap of the trigger in some varying degree….I am convinced it is a derrative of “self- preservation”…an absolutely normal human reflex and yes there is a way to off set it or perhaps subdue to the point of non-consequential…as primary instructor for our precision bolt rifle class we deal with it every day….we have the answer……….

Robert Duhon.
Senior Instructor
Long Range Rifle Program

Round Selection

One of the Keys to our extremely effective Bolt gun program is round selection. Selecting a round and grain that your gun likes is half the battle… Come visit us for 2 days and we will make you a 1 MOA shooter out to 600 yrds before you know it. Giving you confidence to execute that long shot when it counts…

Josh Duhon
Class Coordinator
Texas pistol and Rifle


One of the biggest things that we attempt to drive home in our training is awareness of ones surroundings as well as themselves. What do we mean by this? If your talking on your cell phone pumping gas at the station and you turn around and there’s a guy standing right behind you asking if you know which way is north chances are you were in what we call awareness level white… At Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy we will bring you up to orange. Come see us for any of our sporting our tactical products to increase your awareness and sharpen your skills…

Josh Duhon
Class Coordinator/Instructor
Texas Pistol and Rifle

Formula for success

No matter what your chosen goal may be. Mastery in any area of life can be obtained by first putting your foot on the path. That is taking the first step towards the success of any thing we wish to master in life requires us to have a step by step approach or formula for the accomplishment of the task. At Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy we have a proven 30 year formula for your success as a shooter. Tactical or sporting shooting, makes no difference, allow us to guide you with our expertise and give you our proven formula for your shooting success.

Smooth is Fast

This phrase of “smooth is fast” is thrown around quite a bit in the shooting world and is rarely expounded upon. At Texas Pistol and Rifle we will take an in depth look at “HOW” to be smooth so that fast as well as accurate can be achieved. No matter what your weapon of choice, handgun, shotgun, M4 or rifle being smooth and consistent is the best way to achieve speed and accuracy. Come see us today!

Josh Duhon
Class Coordinator/Instructor
Texas Pistol and Rifle