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Long Range Rifle-Ted Harbour’s story

long range rifle

Students come to Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy to gain the long range rifle skills necessary for hunting. Long range rifle is just one of the firearm training courses available at Texas Pistol & Rifle academy. Enjoy the following letter from Ted Harbour, long time student and excellent long range rifle shooter.


This is one of my favorite photos from my trip to Africa. My hunting partner snapped this as I mounted the sticks with my rifle for my first animal harvest in Africa. The lighting and colors just add to the photograph.

long range rifle
Mounting the sticks ready to shoot!

I had a major case of “buck fever” as we waited and waited for the black wildebeest to stand up (which he did several times) and present a broadside shot (which he never did). Your long range rifle firearms training and my PH both settled me down and the wildebeest finally stood up and faced me directly. The PH, who had never seen me shoot except from the bench, whispered, “If you are comfortable, place your shot just below his chin.” One “surprise break” later, the wildebeest humped up and ran. The bullet struck him squarely in the chest just below his chin. He made it no more than a couple of hundred yards and blessed us by expiring on a road.

My second animal in Africa was a very old warthog.  He was leaving a water hole climbing up a steep hill the crest of which was about 150 yards from us.  The old boar stopped two or three times on the way up but only for a moment or two.  He stopped again at the crest as he turned to look back but again only a for a moment.  I was hoping for one more stop and expecting it would be very brief.  He ran along the top of the ridge and stopped again with about the lower quarter of his chest obscured by a low bush.  I quickly floated the crosshairs to his shoulder just above the bush.  Another “surprise break,” another hump up and he was running along and then behind the ridge.  About fifty yards along the ridge, we saw dust fly and knew he went down hard.  We climbed up and found him expired just over the crest of the ridge.  This opportunity was very brief and included a partial obscurity.  “Look where you want to hit, don’t expect the crosshairs to be still, trust the surprise break.”  Your instruction and training over the years gave me the confidence to shoot quickly and enabled me to harvest a very fine old boar.

long range rifle
Old boar