We are not a public facility.

Bolt Rifle – Boxing the scope part 2

Take a look as we put this method into practical application on our 800 yard private range. The true magic of our program however lies in the understanding of a true surprise break of the trigger. Over the years we have developed the ability to give any shooter a distinct advantage over accelerated heart rate in the shooting or hunting environment. Through the summer we will be offering memberships to new clients at no charge. Our facility is one of a kind located just an hour Northeast of Dallas.

Bolt Rifle – Boxing the scope part 1

Take a look as we briefly discuss proofing you’re optic system. Testing wind and elevation turrets to prove that they are operating as they should on you’re long range rifle system. Accuracy starts with great equipment and an understanding of how it works. At Texas Pistol and Rifle we will show you all the shooting tricks we have acquired with over 31 years of shooting experience.

Namibia Trip; Summer 2015


“I shot a black Wildebeest, Oryx and a Springbok.  Great trip.  I had great confidence in my hunt (shot mostly off sticks), your class was thorough, perfect timing and beneficial to my success and fun.  Thanks for your guidance.” –   Fred