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Silence is Golden – Suppressors for home defense


When thinking about firearms training, it’s easy to consider using a pistol, shotgun, or M4 carbine to defend your property or those you love. But what other weapon characteristics should be considered? Certainly any tool you can add, or unnecessary feature you can remove, to make your weapon “shooter friendly” gives you a decided advantage. Although adding a light, a holo sight and a sling to your home defense M4 carbine seems natural –what about adding a suppressor?

Fighting through the confusion

Since most home defense scenarios happen in the night time, and often in the early morning (four A.M.), it’s difficult to imagine the absolute confusion being startled awake in complete darkness can create. Often the only warning is the loud crash that may accompany a forced entry. Since home invaders typically attack in groups, you may have to account for and engage multiple threats, all while moving your equally startled family to safety. Reaching for your defensive carbine and relying on the training you receive at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy is a good start to a solid defense. Using a suppressor on your home M4 carbine can add a degree of control and aid communication when you need to fire and communicate to your startled loved ones.

Being able to effectively shoot, move and communicate with your loved ones is a welcome advantage when confronting a deadly threat inside the home. Eliminating the blast and flash signature from your shooting position gives you a distinct advantage. Using a suppressor, there is no overt signal to reveal your position – only handing the confusion back to the attackers as they wonder where your accurate fire is coming from. There is no “best time” for using force to defend yourself, other than immediately. Consider a suppressed rifle a force multiplying advantage when used inside the home to enable your victory.