30+ years of training has taught us... the shooting environment is totally critical to what you absorb and retain in regards to "firearms instruction"

Choosing the right training environment – private vs. group settings



A snapshot of the modern firearms training environment can resemble more the industrial processes of the 19th century, built on the principles of high-volume product turnout, vs. the mentoring Master and Apprentice training of the Samurai traditions. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, we train in the private setting (up to 4 students) to be certain that each individual shooter gets the attention they deserve to learn the firearm techniques they need to prevail in armed conflict. No matter the weapon system –whether bolt rifle, M4, combat shotgun, or pistol – private training at TPA gives an enormous return on your investment vs. a large group setting.

Good Training environment – Not just a face in the crowd

In other firearms training schools, a new shooter may not only be one among twenty but may be matched with shooters of various skill levels. When a school depends on high client volume for survival, instructor attention to the individual shooter is often sacrificed in the interest of time, and getting shooters out the door quickly. Negative shooting habits, or training scars, begin to appear early in the shooting career and can be overlooked in large group training sessions to the deficit of the new shooter. At Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, even if you enjoy shooting with a private group (up to 4 shooters) you get the attention you need to succeed.

Personalized training is possible because not only is individual attention paid to each shooter, but the pace of the class is tuned to the ability of the shooter to absorb the materials. As the saying goes, “You can drink from the water fountain or the fire hydrant.” – customized course pacing and individual attention are twin pillars at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy that have secured the success of every student who has come for training. Join this tradition and secure your personal success today!