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Professional Training vs. Discovery / Self-training


There are any number of hobbies or skills you can obtain through passionate self-training and discovery. Fishing, knot-tying, even oil painting can be discovered if you have enough time to put towards your new interest. But what happens when you find you have gone as far as the road will take you? What happens when you reach the end of your self-taught skill and realize, uneasily, there is a lot more you need to learn? When it’s time to discover the road beyond, it’s time to discover professional training at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy. Whether you want to master the handgun, M4 carbine, bolt action rifle, or combat shotgun you will find the path you are looking for to go above and beyond what you have discovered on your own.

You can discover everything with infinite time & resources

Although many believe the primary reason to have a professional instructor is to learn from the best, professional training actually saves you substantial amounts of time. How much time do you save getting training vs. self-training? Multiple lifetimes of effort and discovery. If you had all the time in the world, and all the money in the world, you could spend each day devoted to unlocking the mysteries of successful shooting. But no one does, so no one can. Instead what you can do is learn from the masters at Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy. Here, all the skills you need to prevail have been captured, distilled and formulated into blocks of instruction that can help you prevail in your moment of truth. You will need to do your part and practice, but you only have to practice what you learn at TPA to prevail. Regardless of how early or late you started your path of learning firearms skills, professional training at TPA will carry you the rest of the way.